What We Do &
How We Do It

Our law students are the brightest and best of their class.


  • First, the client books a free virtual consultation.

  • Next, the legal researcher (LR) determines how many legal issues you have.

  • Over the next few weeks, the LR provides the client with weekly email check-ins.

  • At the end of the research process, the legal researcher has one final virtual consultation going over the research explaining the research in laymen terms. 


Prince Lofton is on a mission to empower and equip business owners with legal research for their companies and to provide experience and employment for law students.

Legal Weapon provides thorough legal research to small business owners.


Our law students are personable and will be there every step of the way. Not only will the law student meet with you face-to-face on Zoom initially, but he or she will also give you weekly updates!


Our Objective

Most businesses go upside down by the fifth year. We’re here to stop that. We give small business owners  the tools they need to be effective without having to take out a loan for legal knowledge and information. 


Our Mission

Legal Weapon’s mission is to provide world-class consultations, exceptional research, and notable customer service. We strive to be thorough and personable.