What Is Legal Research?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Legal research is very important. This is not only vital to one’s success or failure at trial, but it is crucial for an entrepreneur as they assess the legal terrain of their industry.

It's the act of providing an answer to a legal question or providing legal proof that can aid a person before making a decision with legal consequences. In other words, it's about understanding the law to help one---in your case, the entrepreneur be confident in the actions he/she takes before taking action. It is a way of studying prior cases and statutes to help reduce one’s chances of having liability in the future.

Finding the law

When you have a case, it's imperative to do some legal research and understand how the law works. Thankfully, you can find most laws online, and they have a table of contents that can help you easily find what you're looking for.

Understanding the law

Now that you've found the law, it's important to attain skills allowing you to read it. Unfortunately, the law is written in a way that is usually hard for a layman to understand. Lawyers are capable of understanding it thoroughly because they've studied and understood it well. Law students, can be placed in the category of those trained in performing legal analysis.. However, if you don't have a lawyer and want to represent yourself properly, then it's imperative to learn what the law dictates. Even if you're not aware of most of the terminology, as long as you attain a common understanding of it, it's fine.

The US Legal System

The thing about the US Legal System is the fact that they are based on precedent. When conducting legal research, it's important to find information on similar cases in the past. Thankfully, there are some sites online that cater to that. By finding out how previous courts have handled this case allows you to better pick your path and how to tackle it.

Understanding the legal question

Since legal research is based on legal questions, it's important to first understand the legal question. A legal question is usually presented as a problem. It's important to first read the question thoroughly. Analyze the facts that you can find. Assess what you need to learn. Note down any and all primary law that you have. Generate any search terms for later use.

This allows you to tackle the legal question with ease letting you form an answer that can help your case tremendously.

All of this is what makes legal research absolutely important for any case. One would be a fool to go into a court case without first properly doing legal research. Good luck with your case!

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